Life-Saving Loot
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Susan Kiechel has always advocated for others. It’s time to return the favor by funding her life-saving treatment.

Susan Kiechel has always advocated for others. Starting in high school, she created and ran her own suicide prevention program. While attending Auburn University, Susan noticed a major inequality for women in athletics. Susan fought for women’s rights, and won. Auburn had to create a women’s soccer team, field, and facilities, as well as become Title IX compliant. Susan’s lawsuit not only created equal rights for women in athletics at Auburn, but also inspired women at other universities to fight for their own rights.

Susan Kiechel was diagnosed with an aggressive autoimmune disease called CIDP in 2001. There is finally a potential treatment that could save her life, called a Hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT). Without this treatment, Susan will die. At the time of creating this website, we are still approximately $50,000 from being able to afford the treatment. All profits from loot are directly donated to Susan’s treatment fund.

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