What is Life-Saving Loot?

I made Life-Saving Loot as a way to raise money for my chronically ill mother, Susan Kiechel. She needs an expensive procedure called a stem cell transplant, otherwise she may die. You can read more about her illness here. The goal of Life-Saving Loot is to raise enough money that Susan can get the treatment she needs.

Where does the loot come from?

I have been an active member of a subscription service called Loot Crate for about 4-5 years now. As with all subscription crates, I find myself often not wanting everything I receive. I still got cool stuff I liked though, so I continued my subscription and started to save the items I didn’t want in my closet to sell later. I sold some on ebay, but I got too busy and stopped selling, but kept my subscription service and the loot. A large portion of the loot sold on this website is from this.

I also worked at a gaming retail store for 5 years, and have a large amount of loot from that as well.

Please note that we are not sponsored by Loot Gaming or Loot Crate in anyway. These are products I previously purchased

What condition is the loot in?

Condition varies. All pictures shown are actual pictures of the product I will ship you, so it is pretty easy to see the overall condition. Most of the items are brand new, but may have been opened in order to get pictures. If you have questions about a specific item, you can contact us.