Welcome to Life-Saving Loot!

Welcome to Life-Saving Loot!

Today marks the one-week anniversary of Life-Saving Loot! This has been an amazing first week. We have sold 34 items in 23 orders. After credit card fees, we have made over $250 for Susan’s treatment! We also have had over 850 visitors to the website, and over 3,000 page views. What a wonderful way to start this off. These numbers continue to grow every day!

We also have many more items coming to the store soon. We have 100+ VHS tapes and DVDs coming to the store, as well as many more collectibles! I have had several people reach out to me to donate items, so keep checking back for new stuff!

I am also making plans to make Life-Saving Loot into something much bigger. Obviously, the focus right now is Susan, and saving her life before it’s too late. However, after we secure Susan’s stem cell transplant, I would love to continue running the website to raise money for other families in similar situations. I have many great ideas, and I am in the process of talking with lawyers to make this an official business.

Finally, just a reminder that we are selling t-shirts! The more t-shirts we sell, the higher the profit. Our goal right now is 15 shirts, and we are over half way there. The profit difference between 10 and 15 shirts is pretty crazy. If we only sell 10 shirts, the profit is only about $2.78 per shirt (meaning about $28 profit). But if we sell 15 shirts, the profit jumps all the way up to $6.06 per shirt, meaning about $91 in profit. There are 3 days left before this batch of shirts is finalized, so let’s get 15 shirt orders before it ends!

Thank you for all the support! Please continue to share the word with your loved ones and keep checking in for more updates and new items!

Sloan KiechelComment