We did it! Susan Kiechel has started the treatment that will save her life!

Many of my followers her also read the GoFundMe, but in case you missed it, Susan started her stem cell transplant on May 1st!

You can read the updates on her GoFundMe. They explain how we funded the treatment, and answer many questions you may have!

As for Life-Saving Loot, right now, it’s shutting down. I’m still keeping the webpage up, but the checkout has been disabled and I’ll likely remove the product pages all together soon. I’m attending a master’s program in the fall, so I know there’s no way for me to turn this into what I want to right now. I’m hoping in a year or two I’ll have the time and money to recreate Life-Saving Loot into a platform to help many other people in similar situations.

Thank you all for the support. It was amazing. Without all of you, my mom wouldn’t be alive. You are all heroes. <3

Sloan Kiechel